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Shree Jyotish - Online Astrology, Vaastu Services, Free Indian Astrology, Horoscope Advice, Vedic Prediction, Jaipur India

Jyotish - the science of light- is known by the names: "Vedic Astrology", "Hindu Astrology" or "Indian Astrology".
The ancient culture of India over thousands of years has developed the scientific approach towards the effect of the planetary movements, their positions at the time of our birth or commencement of a work, that have a deep impact on our lives, and inculcated all this knowledge into the science of Jyotish. Jyotish Astrology takes its subject matter from the very basis of planetary movements and time and it does not lack in its scientific approach.

The word "Veda" means knowledge. Vedic science helps us to understand the true identity of ourselves. Jyotish is an Vedanga and in its approach it follows the Vedic teaching. Jyotish does not believe in fatalism- a pre destined life, it goes further and helps you choose which is best for you. Your future is in your own hands and Jyotish helps you take a better control over it.
Jyotish checks the possibility of health hazards, financial difficulties, problems in marriage, relationship or business. Jyotish helps a person to handle the present and the future. It adds value to the life of an individual.
Jyotish relates to everything in a person's life. It can guide an individual through out his life.
Shree Jyotish is an online attempt to relieve you of your worries, to help you lead a complete and fulfilling life.

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